Cool ideas for hackathons

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For majority of us, hackathons are inseparably connected with programming and developing new apps or ideas. But it’s not always a case. Nowadays, there is this big trend of coming up with hackathon ideas, that are not necessarily about IT. Let’s talk about few of such ideas.

It’s all about power

Why people are going to the government? Because they want to have a power over other citizens. And a power is a good idea to create hackathon around. There are competitions for law students and other interested parties, that are centered around creating the best possible legislation in the shortest time possible.

Imagine, that you are sitting and waiting for the game to start. You get your sealed envelope, that contains the task you are supposed to fulfill. You are opening it and instruction are saying, that you have to create a law, that’s regulating an carpooling app. All your work have to be in line with law in force. Then all of the projects will be judged by their application to the legislative system.

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Music is life

Expressing yourself through a music is very important for people around the world. The worst thing is, that learning playing an instrument is really time consuming. Mastering is even harder. The goal of the task is to make it possible for anyone to create music. The idea for hackathon is, that groups are supposed to create AI that interprets users gestures that enables them to intuitively control an instrument of choice. The less requirements, the better.

Crowdfunding accessible for everybody

Build an online donation system for the underprivileged community, however the app would be used by the donors and relatively privileged members of the community who would capture videos of the donation seeker, his/her case, and a clip of that privileged member who would take responsibility of collecting and donating the funds to the seeker. There are several systems such as this on the internet, but the main challenges are how you are going to make your privileged community interested in such voluntary act and ensure incredible degree of transparency. Crowdsourcing is very challenging, so you have to be clever in plans, because it’s roughly 10% programming/technology, 90% logistics.

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Sky is a limit

When talking about hackathon ideas, the only thing that’s limiting you is your creativity. People are passionate about a lot of things, and most of them want to share a passion with others. So whenever your idea for hackathons is containing creating new model of UN (that’s old, but still gold 😊 ), or is asking important questions of how to help starving people, don’t hesitate and just organize that event. It will bring joy and fulfillment for you and all of the participants.