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Every team in your company have different priorities. Along that, their needs are more and more complicated and hard to solve. The hardest situation in the HR point of view is when one of your programmers is quitting and you are forced to hire developers.

The best place to start

When you are looking for new coder, you have to start thinking like one a little. That means visiting similar websites as them and speak to them with their own language. Every person, who tried to poke some potential candidate on LinkedIn and never has the response probably knows what I’m talking about.

So maybe don’t go that way and start with different – more employee friendly approach. If you are looking for freelancer sites like UpWork or Guru will be of use. In the case of long term worker, you can use companies like Challenge Rocket, or ask your internal HR department (if you have one) to do the job. Try to visit Stack Overflow, Quora. Be more like a friend or a guide for them than an actual employer. That won’t scare them off you and will show your human approach.

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Social media

Nowadays, when social media is an integral part of our lives, it’s not a stupid idea to try advertise your job there. Especially Twitter and Facebook. When you are putting a job post on Facebook it helps you with reaching people, that wouldn’t be hearing about that opening in other cases. Mainly because it’s the biggest social network in the world.

Depending on your company tone of voice and culture of organization, there are few must haves that your Facebook post have to contain. The most important parts is of course your company name, job title and location of the office. Very valuable info for the developers is also the programming languages necessary, frameworks that they are going to use along with their versions. Good way to catch an eye of potential candidate is to list all of the benefits that are attached to the office. The most popular one is for sure ability to work from house. So called Home Office.

You can’t forget about interesting call to action. That’s the main thing that drives person who is reading the post to visit your company website or ask around about company. To gain more intel and base on that made a decision if they are going to apply for the job.
Developers on job market

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How to attract good developer

Hiring good developer is so hard, because they are so few of them. And most of really good and experienced ones are sitting on their warm and cosy jobs in some big corporations with salary, that normal company just can’t compete. That’s the reality.

But more and more of them are starting to actually be looking for more than money. When you are thinking about hiring a developer, you have to appeal to his inner scientist. That side of his personality that is driving them constantly to learn new things. Show them, that working for you is not only sitting and boringly writing code. That working in your company he will be overtaking obstacles and grow as a specialist and not be bored. And I don’t mean that you have to have tennis table in the office and Xbox in the corner, but show that you have good team and interesting inquires.