Want to make your dream website come true? See how Cut2Code cuts PSD to HTML

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In recent years, the demand for custom-made HTML websites has been growing along with the number of IT companies. That’s why choosing the right PSD to HTML service provider is not an easy task. We’ll show you what you should keep in mind when choosing an IT company. We’ll also explain how the commissioning process looks like and show how Cut2Code cutts PSD to HTML.

See our example: cutting PSD to HTML by Cut2Code

Want to know how the web development commissioning process looks like? See our example: cutting PSD to HTML by Cut2Code.

The first step is to contact Cut2Code. After discussing the details, you’ll be asked to send your design brief and PSD files. The brief should contain information on, among others: the outline aims of the website (e.g. increase traffic, offer an e-commerce, advertise a product), the target audience, website appearance and content, technical requirements (e.g. do need hosting or maybe you already own the domain), maintenance, and promotion.

After Cut2Code receives your brief, it estimates the costs and work schedule and asks if you accept them. The company pays special attention to deadlines, so each project is always delivered on time.

If you decide on commissioning the company, the only thing is to wait until the development team finishes its work. When Cut2Code cuts PSD to HTML, it cooperates with specialists in such fields as: front-end and back-end development, graphic design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PR, copywriting, and data analysis.

The next step is quality assurance.This is the stage where all the necessary corrections are added. Thanks to this, you’ll make sure that the website fully meets your needs and fulfills your vision of the project in 100%.

After the project is delivered, you may face technical challenges. That’s why, after cutting PSD to HTML, Cut2Code offers post-launch support. It lasts 30 days, but can be extended if needed.


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What is cutting PSD to HTML actually about?

After you have finished your web design in Photoshop, you save it in a graphic PSD file. The next step is to convert the visual part into a functioning website. You can do this by cutting PSD to HTML.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the standard language for writing web pages and web applications. Hypertext denotes a text that machines can read. Markup means that you can give it a structure (e.g. heading, paragraph). Thus, HTML is a markup language which enables you to create a site’s foundation, improve its readability and appearance, and link text with Internet data.

What to remember about when choosing an IT company?

Price and quality

Choosing the cheapest offer on the market may not necessarily be the best idea. The rule is simple: the higher the price is, the higher quality you receive. But what is meant by high quality?

First of all, check if the PSD to HTML service provider follows the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) guidelines. W3C is the main international organization that sets standards for web development. Another important aspect is cross-browser compatibility, which means that your website will maintain its original appearance and layout and work the same way, no matter what browser is used to visit your website.

Also, make sure that the code comes with comments and documentation. This will definitely help you in the case of unpredictable problems or code errors. Make sure that the company pays special attention to security, since it prevents your website from being hacked. The last thing you should remember about is optimization of images for faster loading without noticeable quality loss. We want to avoid situations where the website loads slowly and the images are fuzzy.

Area of specialization and the used technology

Investigate the company’s area of expertise. Make sure that is specializes in cutting PSD to HTML and that it will support you in this area of interest.

Check what type of technology the company uses. For example, when Cut2Code cuts PSD to HTML, it uses HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. It also specializes in, cutting PSD to HTML for, among others: WordPress, e-mail templates, and Drupal.

Another thing you should consider is on what type of business the company focuses: a large enterprise, a small business, or simply home users. Depending on the size of a business, you should see in what types of projects the company has experience.