How to check what CMS is a website using?

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Are you browsing the Internet looking for nice inspirations for your own website? One of them has caught your eye and you wonder what CMS this website is using? Or maybe you are a developer and need to know what technology you’ll work with? Learn how to quickly check what kind of engine drives a given website. 

Look at the footer or scan the code

The fastest way to check what CMS a website is using is to look at its footer. Scroll the page down and read the content. You can get information not only about the page’s engine but also the theme installed on it. The footer may look like this:

what cms is a website using

If the footer is painfully blank, don’t give up as some CMSes reveal themselves in the web page’s source code. To go there, click on the right button of your mouse, and choose the Inspect option. You will see a source code on the right side of your screen. Try to find there the following line of code:

how to check what cms is a website

As you can see, the above website is using Joomla!

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Website tools which identify what CMS is a website using

If none of the given ways work, you can use some website tools to check what CMS a website is using. The most popular one is What CMS? It’s enough to visit the website and type the chosen domain in the searchbox. After a few seconds, you will see the result:

what cms is my website using

As you can see, our blog is using WordPress 4.9.8.

Automatic identification from the browser level

Wappalyzer seems to be the most comfortable way to identify a website’s insight. It is an extension you can add to your browser. After installing it, it will always accompany you when browsing the web. It will analyze every website you visit and then will change its icon to the logo of the CMS or other technology that the chosen website is using. If this information is not enough for you, click on the icon and learn more about the page, for example, who is its hosting provider, what are its server’s parameters, what plugins are installed on the page, and so on.

how to check a website technology

Source: author’s own
After visiting our blog, the application changed its logos to the WordPress logo. After clicking on the icon, you can see even more information about our website.


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Other ways to check what CMS the website is using

There are also some, let’s call them, manual ways to check the website’s engine. For example, to log into the WordPress site you need to add the following ending to the site’s address:  /wp-login.php. If the website is built on WordPress, after doing this, you will see an option to log in:

how to log in to wordpress site

If you try this method on a site that is not built on WordPress, you will face a 404 error:

error 404