How to solve an SSL certificate error on an Android phone

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SSL certificates are used by millions of websites to secure Internet connections between computers from all over the world. However, when they don’t work properly, your mobile phone will display warnings, such as: “your connection has failed” or “your connection is not private”. Find out how to solve an SSL certificate error on your Android phone in order to protect your sensitive data from being stealed.

What’s an SSL certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an encryption software designed to secure Internet connections between your browser and the web server. If a website is secured by an SSL certificate, you can notice a green padlock on the left side of its address bar.



There are three types of SSL certificates, depending on the amount of information that needs to be verified by a Certificate Authority:

  • Extended Validation Certificate – provide the highest level of security. In order to receive this certificate, a company has to provide a range of detailed information. That’s why EV certificates are typically used by government websites or services, where credit card transactions take place.
  • Organization Validated Certificate – is easier to purchase because it does not require such thorough vetting of the organization.
  • Domain Validated Certificate – the only thing the website owner has to verify is his administrative control over the domain.
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What do SSL certificates give you?

Purchasing an SSL certificate gives you the following advantages:

  • Security through encryption of sensitive data – the software prevents others from stealing digital information, such as: logins, passwords, personal data.
  • Professionality – the green padlock displayed in the address bar builds the customers’ trust.
  • Credibility – an SSL certificate verifies the person, company, or organization standing behind a website.

How to solve an SSL certificate error on an Android phone

When the SSL connection fails, the most frequent message displayed on your screen is “secure connection failed”. Let’s find out how to solve this SSL certificate error. There are several ways to do this – if one doesn’t work, try out a different way.

Correct the time and date
It may seem trivial, but it is the most common cause of SSL certificate errors. If there’s a mismatch between the clock of the web server you’re trying to access and the clock on your phone, your browser may have problems with verifying the SSL certificate.

Change the WiFi connection
Public WiFi networks are not secure because the information you send can be easily intercepted. Instead, use a private connection that will secure and shield your data from hackers.

Clear the browsing data
Sometimes the source of the problem are cookies – files that are automatically generated when you surf the Internet. If cookies don’t work properly, they try to redirect you to another page too many times.

Disable the Antivirus
Your browser can block the page you want to visit, if you’re using an antivirus software with an HTTPS protection or scanning. If this is the case, temporarily turn off your Antivirus to see if the page will load. After this, don’t forget to turn the Antivirus back on.

Reset your phone to factory settings
Try this if all the aforementioned solutions have failed. Make a backup copy of all the files you want to save from your phone. Then, go to Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory Data reset.

Always try to solve SSL certificate errors as quickly as possible. This will guarantee security and prevent others from hacking your device and stealing your sensitive data.