How much does website maintenance cost?

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Your corporate website is your business card. It affects not only the image of your business but also its performance, for example, sales. Since the first impression of your website can be both good and bad, take how your potential clients will remember you into your own hands. The key to success is taking regular care of your page. Check out how to do this and what may be your website’s maintenance cost.

What do a website and a car have in common?

You have just set up a corporate website. You paid for a domain registrar, hosting services, web design and the like. You may be surprised to hear that it is not the end of the costs. Why? Well, think of your website as of a car. To work flawlessly, your vehicle needs regular overviews and necessary fixes. The same is with your website. Without a regular website maintenance, your web page may struggle with broken functionalities or even more serious breakdowns. The latter one is particularly important in the case of e-commerce, for which a broken site means financial losses.


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How to prevent breakdowns on your site?

Preventing is better than fixing. That’s why taking good care of your website maintenance can save you lots of time, money, and clients in the future. What exactly is website maintenance about?


It may seem that you have a big impact on your website’s stability. But even if you take care of it on a daily basis, there are some bugs that may appear on it anyway and anytime. That’s why when looking for a company or webmaster for your website maintenance, make sure that they offer you 24/7 support.

How much does website maintenance cost?

It’s hard to define the costs of website maintenance. It depends on:

  • the person you commissioned (freelance/web agency),
  • your website’s needs (a small hobby blog/a big complex e-commerce),
  • the range of services on which you decide (maybe you are an SEO specialist and can take care of this field yourself).

Just in order to have an overview, here are samples of prices I found on the Internet. For example, if you run a small online business, at Mainaingo you will pay $99 per a developer’s hour of work. At Digital Shift, you will pay about $125. Remember, however, that hiring a freelance webmaster may turn out to be quite sufficient. The cheapest hour of work of a web developer costs around $10.
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