How to add a shopping cart to WordPress – installation step-by-step

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WordPress is arguably the easiest and most trusted content management system in existence today. On its home page, the platform informs that you can choose from over 56 thousand plugins. Some of them are specially dedicated for ecommerce, giving you endless possibilities to customize your website. In this article, we’ll show you how to add a shopping cart plugin to WordPress.

How to add a shopping cart to WordPress – step-by-step

If you’re acquainted with the basic usage of WordPress, adding a plugin will be quick and simple. We can divide the installation process into the following steps:

    1. Log onto the WordPress admin panel.
    2. From the left bar, choose Plugins and click Add New.
    3. In the search bar, type the name of the plugin you want to install.
    4. If WordPress displays it, click Install Now.
    5. After the installation, press Activate Plugin
    6. In order to edit the plugin, go to the bar on the left side of the screen, choose Plugins > Installed Plugins, and click Settings

How to choose the best shopping cart plugin?

Plugins are small programs that expand and enrich your page with new functions. Before you add a shopping cart plugin to WordPress, consider the following traits it should have:

  • intuitive and easy to use interface
  • compatibility with your WP theme
  • customization options that suit your needs
  • support of the most popular online payment systems, such as PayPal, WePay, or Amazon Payments
  • price, since premium versions cost extra money

Most popular shopping cart plugins for WordPress

Adding a shopping cart plugin to WordPress is essential, if you’re planning to run an ecommerce. Below, you can find 3 plugins that are most frequently chosen by WordPress users.

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WooCommerce Menu Cart – over 60,000 active installations

The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce – a popular e-commerce expansion, used by over 28% of online shops world-wide. WooCommerce Menu Cart allows you to display your products, their prices, and the shopping cart button. You can customize the button so that it is displayed always, or only when your client adds a product he wants to buy. If you have basic programming skills, you can also easily edit the plugin’s CSS code.

If you want to have more customization options, you can buy the Pro version of the plugin. Depending on the additional functions you want to add, its price ranges between $14 and $99. Thanks to the premium version, you can, among others:

  • automatically adapt the plugin to your WordPress theme page
  • choose from over 10 different shopping cart icons
  • add a dropdown menu to the shopping cart button
  • use a special Shortcode (a short line of programming code) that will allow you to display the shopping cart wherever you want.



WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart – over 40,000 active installations

After you install this shopping cart on WordPress, you can place the cart button on your page, and set the price and shipping options. Your customer will be able to check the content of his cart and edit it at any time he wants.

One of the biggest advantages of the plugin is that it is not heavy, which means that it doesn’t slow down your website. It also can display an intelligent PayPal payment button. Your client will automatically receive a payment confirmation email, and the orders menu will show all the transactions that have been carried out on your website. With the plugin, you can also, among others: personalize the shopping cart button or upload your own, customize the checkout page, or edit coupons that will be displayed next to the checkout bar.


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Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart – over 20,000 active installations

This plugin integrates with major shipping companies, such as USPS or FedEx, and therefore, is able to automatically calculate shipping costs. One of its characteristics is that it can synchronize your online shop with Facebook, eBay, or Google Shopping, thanks to which you’ll reach out to more clients. The plugin is also mobile-friendly because it will adapt to different screen sizes.

No matter what hosting you use for WordPress, the plugin offers a dedicated Ecwid server to store your data in a secure way. What’s more, all the software updates will be carried out automatically, so you won’t have to worry about fixing code errors or plugging security holes.

The expansion is available in 4 different price offers: for free, venture ($15 per month), business ($35 per month), and unlimited ($99 per month). The paid options allow you to, for example: sell not only on Facebook, but also on Instagram, configure advanced tools dedicated to website positioning, or download a mobile app that will enable you to manage your store in a comfortable way.