How to cut Photoshop files to HTML to create the website of your dreams

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Are you a graphic designer and want to build your own website? You don’t know how to code your graphics? Let me show you how to cut Photoshop files to HTML.

Cutting PSD files to HTML – what’s it all about?

Cutting Photoshop files to HTML means converting graphics files to website programming languages. In other words, it’s a process, during which you make your static images come to life, so that they become a part of a fully-functioning Internet service. Cutting PSD files to HTML has many advantages:

  • website responsiveness, which means that it adjusts to different screen sizes, without losing its appearance and functionalities
  • faster page loading and saving the original quality of your graphics
  • better visibility in the search engine results
  • compatibility with CMS platforms (Content Management System) – platforms that allow you to build and maintain websites, without the necessity to know programming languages.



Where can you order cutting  PSD files to HTML?


If you prefer to commission your project from a freelancer, remember that it may involve some risks. IT companies hire entire teams of specialists: front-end and back-end developers, graphic designers, SEO specialist, and copywriters.

It’s impossible for one freelancer to take care of everything, and this can lead to lower quality codes. It may also happen that the freelancer does not return your money back if something goes wrong with the programming, and he can also use your confidential data.

Despite all this, an IT company may demand a higher price than a freelancer, so you actually can save some money. An IT company can also postpone the project deadline due to an excessive amount of commissions, which is something that a freelancer rather won’t do.

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IT companies

There are IT companies that specialize in cutting Photoshop files to HTML. But how to choose the best one? First of all, carry out an Internet research and see what opinions the company has. Also, look through the company’s portfolio and pay attention to the quality of its HTML codes.

Professional companies take care of their clients. That’s why you should check if the IT company has a money-back policy and if it offers support in the further maintenance of your website, for example in SEO.

How to cut PSD files to HTML by yourself?

Graphic design software

Cutting PSD files to HTML is a complex process. First, you create a mockup of the webpage in a graphic software. Next, if you work on Adobe Photoshop, use the Slice Tool to cut your image into layers, which then you can save in JPEG. Photoshop will automatically convert the files, using HTML and CSS codes. Unfortunately, an automatically generated code does not have the quality of a code written by hand. That’s why you should contact a developer to look through the code and to fix the errors.


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Free online tools

Free online tools, like PSDtoWEB are a good option if you have a tight budget and time limitations. Remember, however, that free online tools do not guarantee a high quality code. This can, in turn, negatively affect the way your website functions. In this case, ask a professional developer to check your code and to eliminate the errors he finds.