How to come up with the perfect ecommerce name ideas?

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Do you have problems with finding ecommerce name ideas? We’ll show you what principles apply to naming and what conditions your name should fulfill. You will also learn how to choose the right domain name, so that your Internet shop succeeds.

How to come up with ecommerce name ideas

If you don’t know how to produce the perfect ecommerce name idea, consider the following characteristics a good name should fulfill:


The name should reflect what the brand is like and what it sells. Let’s look at Rebtel, a Swedish phone company that has recently entered the Polish market. Its name consists of two shortened words: rebel and telephone. The name perfectly cooperates with Rebtel’s logo, where the white letters, turned upside down, contrast with the red background.


Something that is constantly repeated, yet remarkably effective. The perfect name has to be both easy to pronounce and easy to remember. For example, SONY – a Japanese company that became famous for the first personal music players – took its name from the Latin word sonus, meaning sound. If you want to reach clients from abroad, make also sure how the brand name sounds in a different cultural context.



Make your name simple and original. You can add humor and create wordplays, just like the Polisch ice-cream brand Polish Lody. Polish is not only a reference to the country. It’s also a homophone of the Polish word poliż, which denotes eating ice-cream. If you want your brand to be well recognized, make also sure that the name does not sound similar to the names of competing brands.


A good name sounds great and is always valid. In order to choose a timeless name, you can base your creation an a trends analysis. It is extremely useful because it can predict what is going to be popular from 5 up to even 20 years. You can also turn to a marketing agency that specializes in analyzing trends or use free online tools, such as Google Trends.


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Naming as a strategic marketing tool

If you want to be successful on the ecommerce market, you should know how come up with great ecommerce name ideas. Usually, the first thing your client sees or hears is the name of your company. Imagine this name as a door to the world of your brand. It is something that can affect your client’s purchase decision.

Naming is a significant part of a brand’s strategy, and an important factor that greatly influences its positioning. Positioning is one of the most important elements of marketing because it makes your brand occupy a distinct position, relative to competing brands. It defines the target client, the price segment, the attributes of the product and its place on the market. It also gives the brand an identity, creating its image in the minds of your customers and making it stand out from competing brands.

Domain name

Now you know how to come up with ecommerce name ideas, but what about the domain? Domain is the name your clients enter in the search bar. It consists of two parts: the main name – the name of your company, which can be shortened to make it easier to enter, and its extension – an abbreviation, that, for example, shows where the company is from: .es (Spain), .us (USA).

There are also top-level domains (TLDs) that contain such extensions, as: .com, .net, .org. If you plan to reach out not only to local, but also foreign clients, try to take the company domain .com, together with the country domain, e.g.:

Make sure that there are no unnecessary hyphens and numbers. They make it difficult to remember the name and uneasy to enter it into the search bar. Similarly, get rid of redundant prefixes, such as e-.

If you want to run an online shop, a website may not be enough. Most often, companies also create social media accounts. In this case, make sure that the name you have chosen is not already taken by someone else.