Get inspired with HTML email’s contextual templates

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Have you already created a vast list of your newsletter subscribers? Now you just have to decide on an HTML email template that will present your brand in the best possible way. We have collected for you several responsive and personalized email templates you can send to your clients in many contexts. Check them out!

Abandoned cart

HTML emails are a good way to stay in touch with your online shop’s clients. Even the ones, or especially the ones, who left your website without making a purchase. In such case, it’s good to use remarketing campaign, and at the same time, send to such a user an HTML email that will remind him or her about not finished sale. You can use a great variety of communicates in such a message, for example:




Remember that newsletter is a form of contact your subscribers agreed to receive. Plus, it should contain a first-hand information, for example, the latest discount codes. So, if you want to inform your subscribers about a sale, HTML emails will be perfect for it. You can use official holidays or the ends of seasons to invite your subscribers to make a purchase. Also, it will be nice for your recipients to get a birthday discount:


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If you are organizing an event, use HTML email as a way to invite your subscribers to it. You can send a minimalistic one-page template with a simple description and CTA button, as well as a complex email including:

  • the description,
  • the map with localization,
  • the biographies of lecturers,
  • the participation fees,
  • the benefits for participants.




What else you can use HTML emails for?

Remember that newsletter is a form of constant communication with subscribers. What’s important, your recipients agreed to receive it from you. Make a use out of it! Inform your clients not only about sales, events or their not finished sales, but also about:

  • new content on your page, for example, a new collection
  • or your product updates, for example, changes in payment methods.
  • You can also conduct a customer satisfaction survey via HTML email.