3 awesome HTML5 banner ads you can play with!

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HTML5 allows you to create an interactive, animated, or video banner ads. What’s more, such ads display well in all browsers, so your target group doesn’t need to install any software to watch your banners. Check out 3 interactive HTML5 banner ads that make you want to play with them!

[IKEA] HTML5 banner ad that you will create yourself

The idea for this ad is to get the user to create the banner, just like he or she folds a piece of furniture at home. After clicking on the box, it opens, and the aim of the user is to select individual elements, such as nails, boards, and the like, and fold the furniture. When a gamer finishes, the HTML5 ad banner is displayed. It says – You did your part. Now it’s our turn – and shows the special price of the given product.

To check out yourself, how engaging this HTML5 banner ad is, click .

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[Aides.org] An online banner that you can grab

AIDES is a french, non-profit organization that fights HIV/AIDS and at the same time, defends the rights of people affected by this disease. The HTML5 banner ads created for this organisation are a continuation of the whole digital campaign called Protégez-vous (Protect yourself). You can watch the main commercial here:

And this is how the online banner looks like:

So, what is this HTML5 banner ad about? Well, its call to action is: Grab him! And next to it, there is a drawing of a penis. And in fact, the user’s task is to move the penis so that it can reach its goal … Anyway, check the interactive version yourself .

[VW] You can turn yourself into a builder

Volkswagen’s HTML5 banner ads are the examples or extremely engaging online banners because they don’t only use an interaction element, but also give the user a limit of time to complete the task. As in this case – the user has 30 seconds to connect the elements of the road so that it becomes passable for the car.

Do you, guys, know some great examples of interactive online banners? Share them with us!