How to design online banners in times when users don’t pay attention to ads?

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The times when ads were intriguing are gone. Nowadays, Internet users ignore everything that looks like an online banner and the average conversion rate of online ads amounts no more than 1%. Also, there is an AdBlock that blocks advertising communicates on the net effectively. So, how to design online banners in times when consumers are blind to ads?

The times of ad blindness

Ad blindness means that Internet users do not see ads as they have developed the habit of ignoring them. This is confirmed by eye tracking tests as well as memory tests carried out, for example, by the Hervet’s team. They show that users ignore online banners’ messages, especially if they appear in repetitive places on the website or if they are not related to the topic of the site being viewed.

Place your online banners outside the box

The above-mentioned research may be a tip for you. To create effective online banners in times of ad blindness, try to buy an uncommon real estate for your ads, for example, in the middle of an article with the effect of parallax scrolling. Also, remember to display your online banners taking into account the specificities of the chosen website. What does it mean? Well, don’t advertise spikes on the health&beauty website.

Don’t be intrusive

No one likes irritating and intrusive adverts that interrupt the process of browsing the website. Forcing Internet users to play cat and mouse with the close button will not give you new customers. Don’t use irritating practices. Instead, you can, for example, use a so-called expanded online banner. This type of HTML banner expands only after being clicked by the user. In this case, viewing the ad is conscious and wanted.

Design online banners that are not banners

Do you remember the results of research showing that users ignore everything that looks like an ad? So, stop designing ads! Instead, check how does the website on which you want to display online banners look like, and then design a banner that will look like a coherent element of the chosen page. This kind of practice is commonly used by Apple. Isn’t it a reliable company to take an example from?

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