3 ideas on how to raise your ecommerce conversion rate

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Do you run an ecommerce store but its conversion rate is not satisfying? The good news is that you can work on it. Check out 3 basic tips on how to boost the conversion of your ecommerce store. 

Conversion and conversion rate – what are they about?

Before you start working on improving the performance of your online store, remind yourself of two important terms. Conversion is the target you set for your website. It can be downloading an e-book or subscribing to the newsletter, for example. In case of ecommerce, the conversion is usually making a purchase.

You can check your ecommerce conversion rate, using a formula:


clients who converted (e.g made a purchase) / all potential clients on your page * 100%


It means that if 1 person in 100 buys something in your online store, your ecommerce conversion rate remains at 1%.

How to raise an ecommerce conversion rate?

Ecommerce stores’ owners are still not aware of the need for working on conversion rate increase. The half of them don’t spend more than 5% of their budgets. That’s why only 35% of ecommerce stores win the conversion rate at the level higher than 1% (data based on an article published on the sprawnymarketing.pl). So, how to raise an ecommerce conversion rate? Basically, to make your clients buy more, you have to work on two essential areas –  building your customers’ trust and making shopping process as easy for your customers as possible. Here are 3 basic ideas on how building a trust and making the process easy may look in practice:

  • Let your customers pay the way they want

Each of us has a favorite payment method. Some like to pay in cash on delivery. Others prefer traditional transfers or the PayU method. And finally, the enthusiasts of modern solutions are more likely to choose, for example, BLIK payments. If you give customers a great variety of payments options, you will gain their trust. At the same time, you will increase the comfort of shopping in your online store.

  • Don’t force your clients to create an account

Some clients want to do shopping fast. Some of them have time, but simply don’t want to set up an account on your page. Don’t force them to do it. Create 2 options for doing shopping to choose from – by creating an account and without creating an account. You will see that customers will appreciate the freedom of choice and your ecommerce conversion rate will increase.

  • Show your customers that you care

People believe in so-called social proof of recognition. It is said that customers believe in Internet users’ reviews as much as in their friends’ recommendations. So, add reviews to page products. Thanks to them, you will make your customers’ choices easier, build their trust, and proof that you care about your clients’ opinions. To increase your credibility, expose on you page certificates, awards, and other quality marks.


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