Make a corporate page without a website help of a professional programmer

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You don’t know anything about coding? Or maybe the budget doesn’t allow you to use the services of a web development company? Try out the possibilities offered by website creators. Thanks to them, you can create a page that follows the guidelines of web design best practices. What’s important, creating a page will take you no more than a few hours.

What is a website builder?

A website creator is an online program that allows you to create a responsive website quickly and professionally. What’s more, such creator is equipped with CMS (content management system) and created in accordance with web design best practices.


You don’t need to know the code to create a page in an online creator. At the same time, a website builder provides a number of functionalities you can add to your page, for example, contact form, social plugins, website statistics, e-commerce application, the payment system. The most popular website creators are:

  • WIX,
  • IMCreator,
  • GoDaddy,
  • Weebly,
  • Squarespace.

Pros and cons of using a web page builders

Website creators have a number of advantages, but also some bad points. While some of disadvantages may not interfere with small bloggers or micro-entrepreneurs, larger companies may have problems with dealing with creators’ disadvantages. See what are the pros and cons of website builders.

Good points

  • A website creator is a cheaper alternative to the traditional process of creating a website. Using a website help of any web development company, you have to incur agency costs, such as the work of a graphic designer, programmer, project manager, account manager and so on.
  • The process of creating websites using free builders is fast, seamless, and easy. You can build the page yourself, even if you don’t have technical knowledge.
  • Website builders provide you with free access to the website help of their support departments.

Bad points

  • Websites created in the free version of the builder are not indexed by Google, so you have no influence on the positioning, and also the visibility of your site on the web.
  • Using the free version of website wizards, you don’t have an influence on what address your website is published on the Internet. Its URL will consist, for example, of a string of random numbers. This is not a professional solution if you want to build your brand on the web.
  • If you want to get your own domain, hosting, SSL certificate, and guarantee of no ads on the site, you have to buy the PREMIUM version of a website creator you use. For example, a WIX PREMIUM versions start from 10 US dollars net per month (with an annual subscription).

Creating a website step by step

The process of creating a website using a free creator comes down to a few steps and should take you no more than one evening:

  1. Register on the website of the chosen creator.
  2. Choose whether you want to work on a clean website or on a pre-made template.
  3. If you decide on the second option, choose a template that fits your needs
  4. The web page creator redirects you to the page editor, where you can freely change the content of subpages, settings, and appearance of elements, as well as the colors, fonts and graphics of your site. To your page, at this stage, you should add your logo, name, Google map, and all contact details.
  5. If you need a website help, you have a permanent access to the chat window with a professional support.
  6. When your website is ready, click on Publish.
  7. Your website will be published immediately on the Internet. The program will show you its URL as soon as the site is published.


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