3 tips on how to prepare the best product page for your online store

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There is no universal rule on the ideal side of the product should look like. Not all clients have the same expectations as to the presentation of the offer. That is why the best product pages are adapted to the target groups. Still, there are some tips that are worth applying on a product page, regardless of the industry. Check them out!

The clear purpose of the product page will boost your conversion

The best product pages sell the most. Let the sales goal guide you during the product page design process. For example, make sure that:

  • The shopping cart is visible and located where the user expects it most, so in the right upper corner of a page.
  • There are no unnecessary elements on a product page. Especially the ones that could distract user’s attention or what even worse – make him or her abandon a page. Exit links are such elements, for example.
  • The hierarchy in the product description serves a conversion. This means that you should first place information related to the purchase, e.g. size or delivery method, and only then add detailed descriptions.

A good product description is a good product presentation

When creating a product description, remember about:

  • Good quality photos. Let them represent the product on each side. You can also opt for 360-degree visualization or video. Remember that the more accurately you present the product, the more reliable you become.
  • Right product names. A good name is not only a name without typos, but also an encouraging description. Do not use in it intricate serial numbers. Instead, grab for the terms that will work on the imagination of the buyer. For best optimization, remember to include key phrases in the SEO names.
  • Detailed product descriptions. It does not mean a long wall of unformatted text, but so much information about the product that the customer knows everything he or she needs about it. Thanks to this, you become transparent and deprive the user of doubts.

Product reviews are a signal that you care of

But not only. Product reviews are also a real help on the shopping path of your clients. Internet users rely on the opinions of other buyers almost as much as on their friends’ views. What is more, product reviews will complement the product description with unique information. All this will positively affect your clients’ UX (user experience).

What else to remember when creating a product page?

There are many intricacies, seemingly irrelevant, that can affect the conversion (in this case sale) of your e-commerce store. To create a products page that will inspire your clients’ trust, you can also add:

  • related products,
  • information about product availability,
  • social media icons,
  • information about order estimated time of completion,
  • a large selection of payment options,
  • and others.


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