Do you want to work with Photoshop? Check 3 traits of a good graphic designer

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You can learn computer graphics on your own. Today knowledge is available on the Internet in such quantities that only good intentions and time are enough to get new skills. The Internet is full of tutorials related to design in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. But what about the competencies that you cannot buy for the money? Check out 5 traits of a good graphic designer.  

A good graphic designer is communicative                                                                        

Communication is omnipresent at graphic designer’s work. The graphic designer who gets and negotiates briefs must make sure that he understands the client’s expectations. During the project, an agreement is also necessary on the designer-client line, which speeds up the work and saves nerves on both sides.

The communication ability is also manifested in the design process. The graphic designer is to convey to the recipients the personality of the brand for which he works, its values, history, and main message. So, the designer is partly responsible for how the brand communicates to the recipients.

Although most of the graphics work alone, it must have the ability to communicate with the team. Good relations with project managers and colleagues affect the comfort of the graphic designer’s work and the final effect of the project.

A good graphic designer has wide horizons and skills

In the artwork, it is not enough to have excellent knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. The ability to create responsive web design or to cut PSD to HTML is not enough. All these are technical skills, while the graphic designer is a multi-tasking profession. The person in this position faces many projects: designing corporate identity and related visual materials, web design (e.g. mobile or responsive web design), applications, animations, and offset printing. Hence, the graphic designer should have wide horizons and combine knowledge from many fields at work, for example:

  • polygraphy,
  • marketing,
  • typography,
  • the theory of color,
  • business psychology,
  • geometry
  • other.


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A good graphic designer is creative and sees what other people don’t notice

A good graphic designer wants to meet the client’s expectations to the highest degree. If the client’s vision exceeds the capabilities of Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, the graphic designer will do everything to find a solution that will satisfy the client. He must, therefore, be a creative person, and it can be seen most often after piles of sketches and hand-drawn drawings. A good graphic designer is also passionate about his work. He sees it everywhere. For him, Coca-Cola is not just a bottle with a sweet drink. It’s a popular Spencerian font. The book is not only the content but the arrangement of elements whose order determines the so-called Fibonacci sequence. The color of 2018 is not a strong violet for a good designer, but Pantone Ultra Violet 18-3838. To sum up, a good graphic designer everywhere you see sequences of elements, object geometries, colors, fonts or interesting creations.