WordPress SEO optimization – how to make Google to like your page?

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wtyczka SEO dla WPGoogle’s crawlers are as picky as users – they do not appreciate websites or contents that are not fast, user-friendly or well-formatted. Check out the most important things about WordPress SEO optimization for your website.

Format your content well

Google particularly appreciates well-formatted content optimized for SEO. How to create content to make WordPress SEO optimization more successful?


  • Build your website on high-quality, unique content and remember that the longer your texts are, the better.
  • Saturate the content with key phrases and their variants, so called long tails. It’s good for key phrases to be placed in critical spots, e.g. in the titles, leads and headings of posts.


  • Format content including headings, lists, boldings of the most important content, etc. This will make your texts more readable for both users and Google’s robots.
  • Describe subpages with meta titles and meta descriptions that will be visible to users in Google search results. Remember that descriptions should contain key phrases, and the higher located phrases are, the better.

WordPress SEO plugins – help yourself in content optimization

If you want to be in control of whether SEO optimization is successful, install a plugin that will help you to position the page. The most popular choice is Yoast Seo, which performs an audit of each of your posts, and then with the help of colors, it gives you a signal whether your content is well-optimized for SEO or if it needs some improvements. This WordPress SEO plugin enables you to:

  • decide on a key phrase for your posts,
  • control whether your posts are readable for your readers,
  • compose meta titles and meta descriptions for your posts.

Slim down your code, make your page to be lighter

It is very important for your page not to be too heavy and to load as fast as possible. Then, both users and Google’s crawls will appreciate it. There are plenty of WordPress plugins that can help you to make your website faster:

  • Smush Image – reduces the weight of the pictures.
  • Autoptimize –  reduces the volume of your site’s files.
  • WP Super Cache – slims down the code of your page.

Build friendly URLs

Complicated, unreadable, long URLs make both your users and Google’s robots confused – they do not know what they will find on the website to which the encrypted URL leads. You should make it be readable for them. Friendly URL is short, simple, esthetic, easy to remember, and contains key phrase.

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What else to remember about?

WordPress SEO optimization is a complex process that needs time to be successful. If one day you want to be in TOP3 in the search results, read more about issues listed below:

  • link building,
  • responsive and mobile design,
  • technical SEO,
  • image optimization,
  • websites adapted to people with dysfunctions,
  • internal linking for SEO.