How to get rid of too many spam comments in WordPress?

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The bigger your page, the greater the risk that spam will appear on it. And garbage comments will be bothersome not only for you, but also your users. Check out how to effectively get rid of spam comments in WordPress.

Manual selection of spam comments in WordPress

If your page is small, you can select comments manually. This is a good solution for sites with a small number of comments. However, when your site becomes more popular and the number of comments increases, manual selection may prove too time-consuming and cumbersome.

How to select comments manually?

Everything starts in the administration panel:

  • Go to your admin dashboard.
  • Go to Settings and Discussions.
  • Turn on the option: Comments must be approved manually.


From now on, you must approve all comments before publishing them. To categorize comments, go to Comments and decide whether individual comments are:


  • okay – if so, click on Confirm,
  • spam – if so, click on Mark as spam,
  • garbage – if so, click on To the trash.


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How to limit spam comments in WordPress more?

In the Discussions panel (access via Settings) you can also set other options that will help you get rid of spam comments in WordPress. For example, you can establish that anyone who wants to add a comment under the post must enter his or her email address in the form. You can also specify that only logged-in users can leave their comments. Also, remember that you can edit every comment before approval, which allows you to remove advertising content or links to other websites from the discussion. You can also create a blacklist of comments to which you can write in prohibited words – your page will block all the comments containing selected words.

Make your users credible

To make your users credible without any unnecessary Discussions settings, you can disable the default way to add comments to your site. Instead, users will comment on your posts using the Facebook profile. You will set this commenting option by installing the plugin Facebook Comments by Fat Panda.

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WordPress anti-spam plugin – what to choose?

If manual selection proves to be insufficient or too time-consuming, install the WordPress anti-spam plugin. The best choice is plugin that completely blocks comments that robots add to your website (e.g. WP-SpamShield), instead of just hiding spam (like popular Akimset). Hidden spam remains in the database of the site, taking up space, and in time you will have to remove it manually anyway.

CAPTCHA – let your users play a bit

The CAPTCHA safeguard is also an effective weapon in the fight against spam. It asks users to solve the puzzle before their leave the comment. This way your users prove that they are people, not robots. You can add CAPTCHA to the comment form by installing, for example, the Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin. However, make sure that the puzzles generated by the program are legible, not to discourage users to leave a comment.